Walk alongside the ghosts of New Orleans

Explore the depraved past of the French Quarter. New Orleans Ghosts takes you to the finest places with the darkest tales.

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Join us tonight on the French Quarter’s unsleeping streets and experience the savage histories of the most haunted places in this city. Like the LaLaurie mansion, home of a blood-thirsty murderess.

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The New Orleans Ghosts: Join us for a terrifying tour of NOLA’s violent past

New Orleans has been fought over for centuries. The original Native American owners gave way to the French, the Spanish, and Creole influences. The African slave populations and later Free citizens of these United States all put their indelible mark on the Crescent City.

Religion and tradition hang heavy in the humid air rolling in from the Gulf. This perfect melting pot of conditions makes New Orleans Ghosts some of the most tragic in the land. From Civil war soldiers to tortured slaves and even murdered mafia hitmen. The ghosts of New Orleans are as varied as the city itself.

Stand in the very streets where Madame Laveau, a Louisiana Creole VooDoo practitioner, would strut around as if she owned the place, spreading rumors and casting spells on those who did not have the good sense to make an ‘offering’ to her legendary snake, Zombi!

She died and was buried in the Glapion family crypt in Saint Louis Cemetery No.1. Legend had it that if you wanted a wish granted, you had to come to the gave at night, draw an X on the gravestone, turn around three times and kick the tombstone, and if your wish was granted, you were honor-bound to come back, circle your X and leave an offering for Marie Laveau!

One night, an angry visitor vandalized the tomb and the area has been restricted ever since. Perhaps their wish was not granted or had unexpected consequences. The last x remained un-circled, crying out for a curse on their house!

Temptations on this tour of Crescent City hauntings

The Casket Girls of the old Ursuline Convent.

One of the oldest buildings in the Mississippi Valley, completed in 1752, the French order of Ursuline nuns came to run an infirmary for the French populations.

Later, orphan girls from French convents were sent to the new world as potential suitors for French men making their fortunes in French Louisiana’s colonies.

Chaperoned by the Ursuline nuns until they married, each girl bought their possessions in a coffin-shaped casket. Hence the name. The girls were terribly mistreated, and after the last one had left, their caskets were found in the attic of the old monastery.

Rumors started circulating that the girls did not only bring their clothes but also smuggled European vampires into the city. Join the tour to hear the fates of two groups who tried to hunt down the vampires.


The LaLaurie House and Museum

Madame Marie Delphine McCarty was married three times, and death and tragedy followed her all over the globe. From losing a husband on the way back to Spain to forcing another to leave her in her impressive house in new Orleans, on the Museum’s current site.

She was born into a wealthy family, and with her third husband, she and the Frenchman M. LaLaurie became the toast of the town, a social couple known for elegant and desirable parties.

During one such party, a small fire broke out; casually, the LaLauries’ escorted their guests onto the street, assured them the slave quarters were empty, and the party continued with music by a small quartet.

Some guests had cause to question whether there were actually people still in the house and brushed aside their now worries hosts to re-enter the building. The heroic guests emerged shortly with dozens of people in tow. Some were coughing from the smoke inhalation, and some were in a much worse state. Some looked like they were the victims of human experiments, torture, and certain abuse at the hands of the LaLauries’.

A mob grew, seeking vengeance, and when the LaLauries’ escaped and boarded a boat for France, the mob turned to the house that had been a vile prison for goodness knows how many tortured souls.

The house was ransacked, bodies were discovered, and the place was gutted by the end of the very next day. No one wanted to live in the cursed place, and stories of hauntings and apparitions started very soon.

Eventually, the building became tenement apartments, and the ghost stories grew from the ghastly suffering in this cursed building.

Movie star Nicholas Cage once owned it but lost it to foreclosure not long after. Now the LaLaurie mansion is owned by a film production house and is the subject of an upcoming movie.


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All Ghost Tours meet and end in the French Quarter at the St. Louis Cathedral, 615 Pere Antoine Alley, at the front of the steps to the entrance facing Jackson Square.
New Orleans Ghosts - Walking Ghost Tour


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The closest parking area is the French Market Parking Lot at 800 Decatur St. The second closest is the Canal Street Parking Garage at 333 Canal St. Please check your tour time and meeting location in advance so that you may arrive on time. We recommend arriving early to find parking and to ensure that you are not late.

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Review Rating
March 19, 2020

We had a great time and learned a lot about the city. Our guide was super! :)
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Caitrin Cameron

Review Rating
November 02, 2019

New Orleans is a great place for a tour like this. There is a fair bit of walking so wear comfy shoes but it was very doable. Loved it!
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Alissa Jay

Review Rating
October 14, 2019

Our guide was very informative! Hands down it made our trip amazing (:
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Johnten Tenison

Review Rating
August 15, 2019

Guess that's what happens when you are having fun! The kids want to make this a regular thing, thank you so much!
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5 reasons why you must join us for a NOLA Ghosts Tour

  • You are a fan of the supernatural

    We endeavor to delight all guests with fantastic stories of the ghosts in the very places that they haunt. Sometimes groups will encounter activity while on tour. You might be one of these lucky people.

    New Orleans has several official and unofficial religions. With a rich and splendid past, there are many kinds of ghosts and hauntings here, they layer on top of a rich and exotic VooDoo culture and if you add in the tales of Vampires, The Crescent City quickly rises to the top of any supernatural enthusiasts list of hotspots.

  • You want a crash course in the history of this magnificent town

    Every tale comes from a different era in the colorful history of New Orleans, we paint a vivid picture of the lives and loves of the ghosts we visit. Like the French Creole master and his Octoroon mistress whom he loved, but did not leave his wife for. Hear her tale of a cold and heartless death, she waited naked and freezing on the roof of their cottage just to prove her love for him while he played cards in the warm indoors below. His lovelorn ghost roams the roofs of the French Quarter seeking out the love he put to death.

    We recount will many other stories of death and terror on the streets of NOLA, and the touching, personal stories that led to such tragic, untimely deaths that mean their spirits cannot pass on peacefully.

  • You want something that works for everyone, regardless of age

    We may be historically accurate and unnaturally scary, but we’re also appropriate for all ages. No matter who you are or why you’re in New Orleans, we’ll make sure you have a great time on your ghost tours. Fully accessible and open to all ages. Couples are especially welcome, we think a ghost tour makes a great date, and have seen many romances blossom while listening to terrifying stories on the streets of the Crescent City.

  • You have a short stay in New Orleans

    We can help you get the most out of your short stay here in the Crescent City. As well as an entertaining spell of time with your professional and experienced tour guides, you get to see some of the prime sights and sounds of the New Orleans French Quarter. Such will be the power of the stories we promise that you will have no trouble recounting the history and the horror of the sites you saw.

    They say a story is 10 times more memorable than a fact, and boy! do we have some stories for you.

  • You don’t believe in ghosts

    Not everyone has the capacity to experience the supernatural. Children, animals and a few others can feel the energies of the dead.  IF you are not among them don’t worry this tour will give you plenty to scoff at. But hear the stories, every ghost tale contains a moral, a lesson or some wisdom from the past.

    You will hear about the verifiable history of New Orleans and it’s layered and gruesome past. We promise to commit to accuracy in the historical presentations and only the most well-reported and confirmed ghost stories.