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Group Tours Are The Best

New Orleans has so many activities that can occupy a day, if it’s not Mardis Gras season (late winter) or if the heat is too much, the WWII museum is a must-see, or the New Orleans Museum of Art has an amazing sculpture garden if that is more your speed.

The nights in New Orleans are spoken for, or rather sung for, with the streets coming to life at night. But between a Po’boy or a Beignet strolling around under the hanging vines of City Park and an evening of music and revelry, there is a gap. One we propose to help you fill.

Our hour-long standard Ghost walking tour will educate and entertain, thrill and delight! Over a little less than a mile on the atmospheric streets of the French Quarter, we will introduce you to the history of the town, trapped between the angry sea, vengeful river, and the fetid swamps.

Our extended tour will take you deeper into the haunted French Quarter of this city at the heart of French, African, and American influences.

Hear about the mischievous five children who prank the guests of the Andrew Jackson hotel on Royal Street, or the vengeful Ghost of Marguerite, who fulfilled her promise of returning from the grave to kill her lover, and the younger woman had left her for.

Each of the stories will transport you to a different age in front of the very locations where these stories actually happened. No museum can manage that, and yet our history is museum-quality, well researched, and accurate.

Book your tour today, and we’ll see you in Jackson Square!


Myron Mathis

Review Rating
May 27, 2024

Julia Bushell

Review Rating
May 27, 2024

Craig was clearly passionate about the topics included on the tour! He gave intricate detail to make...


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Passionate guides for a passionate city

The guides of Nola Ghosts are all enamored with the history of New Orleans, and for a good reason. If you knew what they did about these hauntings, you might even want to become a ghost too!


We're not your regular tour

We won’t stretch out your experience and make it excruciating. Above all, we believe in quality over quantity. Forget sore feet after miles of trekking. Our 9 haunted stops span just a mile, with an additional half mile if you’d like to venture further to and get the scoop on 5 more haunted locations!


Rain or Shine

We operate rain or shine here in NOLA. Bad weather? No problem! So long as it’s not disastrous, your tour is still on!


  • Remain calm.

    A spirit may touch you, but don’t panic! It might just be a long-dead Jazzman come back to serenade us.

  • Be polite.

    The ghosts of Nola have been known to bite! Be kind to the undead.

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    It’s hard enough down here; please don’t make their eternal turmoil harder than it has to be.

  • Stay together.

    We don’t want to lose any guests to the spirit world; if you get tempted to follow the ghostly trumpet sounds, check your party can hear them too.

  • Watch your step.

    Nola has claimed many lives over the years, gambling, debts, lost fortunes, and doomed love, but there has not yet been a Nola Ghosts tour fatality, let’s try and keep it that way!