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Welcome to New Orleans's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

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There’s only one way to experience the spirits and Spirits of one of America’s most haunted party towns, and that’s with a haunted pub crawl with New Orleans Ghosts! NOLA is known for its unadulterated fun, and our New Orleans Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl gets in on it with an R-rated stroll through the devious streets of the Big Easy. Visit the city’s most ghost-infested, 21-and-up haunts while sipping on potent potions with the ghosts that stalk the French Quarter. It doesn’t get much spookier or boozier than this!


Discover New Orleans's Most Haunted Places:

The Omni Royal Hotel

The Omni Royal Hotel

The largest hotel in the Quarter, The Omni is a part of music history. Hotel regular, Led Zepplin wrote the song “Royal Orleans” on an incident that occurred at the hotel, which involved, among other things, Satan and a jar of cursed dirt believed to be the catalyst for the fire in their hotel room. However, the hotel is infamous for the death of Zack Brown, a local bartender who killed himself by jumping from the roof. Look up as we approach the building, as it’s said he can still be seen preparing to jump.

LaLaurie Mansion

LaLaurie Mansion

Quite possibly the most notorious building in NOLA, the LaLaurie Mansion has such an unhinged backstory that it’s been the subject of numerous paranormal investigations, documentaries, and books, and was even the focal point of American Horror Story: Coven. In the 1700s, this building was the site of the most horrific scene ever witnessed by locals, when a fire exposed the owners’ gruesome and inhumane treatment of their slaves. Today, it’s one of the most haunted buildings in the city, with unexplained activity trickling outside of it.

Pirates Alley

Pirates Alley

As its name explains, this portion of New Orleans was popular with pirates who were a mainstay in this popular port city. Though they were required to follow local laws and regulations, they rarely did, resulting in their jailing or execution. The Alley was known for the debauchery that occurred regularly in and around the area. Enjoy a Caribbean-style cocktail from Pirates Alley Cafe, and prepare to hear the deranged tales of Blackbeard and discover the various souls that continue to lurk in the darkness of Pirates Alley.

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Rhonda Lindsey

Royale was a terrific tour guide. We learned a lot of history of the various people who settled in New Orleans as well as the ghosts who hau ... Read More

21 Apr 2024

Arun Swaminathan

I loved the tour. Captain Tee did a great job walking us around the garden district! I highly recommend this tour to other visitors to NOLA.

20 Apr 2024

Ang Mattei

Craig was awesome. Great story teller. Lots of juicy New Orleans history! Highly recommend!

18 Apr 2024

Nancy Harvey

We had a great experience! Royale was a very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable guide! Thank you!

23 Mar 2024


Welcome to
New Orleans's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

Welcome to
New Orleans's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

Spirits, mysterious activity, shadows that stalk the darkest corners of the city, the stench of various liquors in the air – just business as usual in America’s capital for partying and the paranormal. You can’t come to a bonafide adult playground and not experience one or the other.  Our haunted pub crawl combines them all with a risque stroll through the seedy, racy side of the Big Easy, where you’ll visit several of its most haunted locations while sipping on NOLA’s signature mixtures at the bars once still frequented by their ghostly regulars.


For horror lovers, New Orleans’s sordid history features chilling tales and unearthly entities that hit every category. From voodoo and vampires to pirates and a plethora of salacious scandals complete with the spirits born from them – NOLA’s haunted scene is only rivaled by its nightlife.


Known as the “original city of sin,” New Orleans is a 21-and-up escape that draws thousands looking to indulge in the eccentric and depraved carnival that is the Big Easy. New Orleans Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl walks you down the cursed streets of the French Quarter, where the drinks flow and the spirits roam. Enjoy a classic Hurricane as you’re introduced to the dark energy that consumes this unruly Creole city, uncovering the dead that lay in its wake.


Leave the kids at home and get ready to drink your way through, arguably, the most haunted city in the nation. Here are a few more reasons to book your New Orleans haunted pub crawl tonight!


  • You’re on a kid-free vacation and want to make the most of it
  • You’re in the most haunted party town in America – why not?!
  • You want a fun way to wash down the delicious Creole food
  • You want your bachelor/bachelorette party to blow your friends’ party out of the water
  • You’re ready for a much-needed night of R-rated fun
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