Tour Preview

Our tours feature many famous haunted sites and some that are too terrifying to describe here!

On our regular and extended tour, guests will experience:

Old Ursuline Convent

A convent for young girls, until a gruesome murder was committed. Learn about the mysterious orphans accused of terrible crimes.

Jackson Square

More than just a meeting place Jackson square is the site of many mysterious figures, multiple spirit sightings and tales of love-stricken psychosis.

The Infamous LaLaurie Mansion

Home of the rich, cruel and powerful Madam La Laurie, her crimes are too ghastly to describe here.

The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

The “Mad Doctor” went on a bloody rampage here; guests report hearing the screams of victims and feeling the cold blade of the doctor’s scalpel between their shoulder blades….

The Beauregard-Keyes House

Centuries of spirits haunt this location. Civil war soldiers walk with Italian mafia members. Who will you see?

Louisiana Supreme Court

Exclusively featured on our extended tour
Hear of the suicides, mobster trials and many other stories from the halls of the Supreme Court.