Ghost Hunts

Have you ever felt like you were being watched or followed? Have you ever seen figures where none should be, or heard voices in an empty room? Come with us and hunt the spirits in the hallowed streets of New Orleans. With our specialized ghost hunting equipment, you can help us capture the reality of the spirit world. We will teach you how to use our equipment and try to help you catch evidence of our haunted city!

We do, however, have a few rules. Firstly, stay calm. Obviously, we’re going to be looking for clear evidence of the paranormal. Panicking will often make whatever we contact disappear, or anger it and make things beyond our control. Secondly, be polite. We are there to ask questions and we must do so respectfully. Please do not ask how, where, or when a spirit died; do not ask about religion; and do not use bad language. Speak to the dead as if they are living, because they still deserve the same respect. Thirdly, do not provoke or anger anything. We need to keep things in our control as much as possible. Angry or evil spirits can manipulate the physical world, including physiological symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, faint or light-headedness, etc. Fourthly, stay together. We don’t want to lose any of you, as we care a great deal for the safety of our guests. Lastly, please watch your step. Not everything is flat and easy to see. Tripping is hazardous and we don’t want you to get hurt.

We hope you enjoy your night with us! We’re sure you’ll think twice about coming out here alone at night.